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I respect both Lee Hoo and Kris for standing up for themselves and I applaud them,it takes guts and courage to do that. But now the thing is when Kris talked about mistreatment most of the people bashed him and now when it comes to Lee Hoo almost everyone supports him and they should…But don’t you get it-how can Kris stand up for EXO when EXO are the ones that said that they don’t have a problem with their agency after Kris left and thus making Kris look bad and like he was the evil one.I am not saying anything against EXO it’s just that EXO decided to continue as idols no matter what they are enduring and Kris decided to not be mistreated so OFC HE WOULD STAND UP ONLY FOR HIMSELF! In Lee Hoo’s case although other ZE:A members haven’t said anything I feel like they are sticking together you know and that is why he could stand up for themselves as well while EXO wasn’t sticking with Kris,let’s be honest there is no way that exo and kris haven’t talked about problems in their company before and we all know that SM is a shitty agency-I mean JYJ,Hangeng-they wouldn’t leave without a reason.So what I am saying is-Kris should not be bashed,Lee Hoo should not be bashed-THEY ARE COURAGEOUS&YOUNG MEN STANDING UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS AND WE SHOULD SUPPORT THEM AND ALL THE OTHERS THAT STAND UP AGAINST THEIR AGENCIES…#staystrongkris #staystrongleehoo

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I salute both Kris and Junyoung taking a stand against their companies.

However, Kris talks mistreatment and gets bashed.

Junyoung talks mistreatment gets praised.

Like…the actual fuck bruh.

I get that SE is nowhere near as powerful as SM, but damn.

ZE:A looks like they’re sticking together….


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14/09/21 Jonghyun’s twitter updates 
[TRANS] @realjonghyun90 : Well … Gotta write a letter 
TRANS] @realjonghyun90: It will be enough for the present 
[TRANS] @realjonghyun90: But hand-written letter is also bothering 
Cr : thaluuu
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